I’m a thirty-something bride-to-be (39 to be precise, and getting married next March), wanting to savour this fleeting moment in time as I hurtle towards my 40th birthday and marriage.

Marriage not only means making a commitment to my Intended, but forming a new family – I will officially become stepmother to his son, and he will officially become stepfather to my daughter. The children plan to make an amusing speech at the wedding describing a yoghurt throwing incident which occurred in the early and fiery stages of our relationship. We are trying to stop them.

Join me as I negotiate the strange world of wedding planning, and try to find a babysitter for the wedding night. Find out if we did end up with the children on camp beds in the Bridal Suite and if so, who won the ensuing farting competition. Related to this, is the question of whether I abandoned my career as an alcoholic or continued with renewed vigour…


2 thoughts on “About

  1. 🙂 Love your ‘About’. I’m in the throes of giving up alcohol. That is, I’m almost “there”, but keep sabotaging my wellness about once weekly. And I don’t even understand why.

    Love your blog.

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